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Dear Pleasure-Seeker,

There is no doubt in my mind that an orgasm is one of the most pleasurable sensations ever experienced by a man or woman.

The expulsive discharge of tension at the peak of sexual response can easily be described as pure ecstasy.

In fact, some orgasms can be so powerful that they briefly create an altered state of consciousness and an indescribable bond between two people.

Yet, there is a level of divine pleasure that most men never experience.

Perhaps because it’s thought of as taboo ... perhaps some body parts are simply off limits ... who knows?

But, if you are willing to experiment ... to unleash your inhibitions and join me in a quest of extreme sexual pleasure, then I’ve got a treat for you...

... Because men actually have the same type of G-spot that gives women those deep, powerful, long lasting orgasms – and men can experience scorching-hot orgasms using prostrate massage.

So if you can bear with me for the next 3 minutes I’ll reveal the science behind prostrate massage and prove to you that even the most intense orgasm you ever had will pale in comparison to what’s possible.

“Have All the Continuous Sex You Crave”

With prostate massage you can have multiple orgasms.

But, to experience the heightened pleasure of prostate massage (or prostate milking) you must massage your prostate through the rectal wall.

You see, your prostate is a walnut-sized gland surrounding the urethra (pee tube) and is found directly below a man’s bladder.

The prostate has two main functions: to help control the flow of your urine and to aid and enhance sexual activity.

When men ejaculate, it’s the prostate which expels a whitish fluid that helps sperm travel more easily. But more importantly, your prostate is a highly-sensitive and erotic organ that can orgasm multiple times over.

Why is Prostate Massage So Arousing?

The lobes of the prostate are highly sensitive to pressure, so if you press, rub or stroke your prostate gland you will experience a variety of pleasurable sensations. The most intense feeling being similar to the sensations felt during ejaculation as the prostate begins to pump semen.

Along with that incredibly awesome sensation, you will also be stimulating millions of nerve endings within your anal cavity.

Plus, because one-third of your penis is buried inside your body, you are simultaneously stroking the base of your penis too.

“3 Awesome Sensations With
One Powerful Technique”

As powerful as this physical stimulation is, it can’t compare to the incomprehensible gratification achieved from the “mental high”.

The uncharted territory and vulnerable position couples experience is truly beyond belief.

But, don’t only take my word for it. Hear what others have to say about the pleasure of prostate massage:

 Product Review - Jason Stock

 He FINALLY gave in!

I have been trying for months to talk my fiance into letting me do the prostate massage on him. He FINALLY gave in last night and I have never seen him so sexually aroused!!!  He is still talking about it this morning! His orgasm was very intense and it took him a while to come back to his senses! He was surprised at still being hard afterwards!!  Thank you so much for the info!!! 

Laura Peterson, Australia


 Product Review - Jason Stock

Unbelievable O’s!

“I’ve never felt anything like it. My orgasms were insane. What you showed me was totally wild. Thank you!”

Jason Stock, NJ



 Product Review - Sarah Carson

So Intense For Both of Us!

“My husband and I have always experimented sexually, but this was by far the best we’ve tried. The power I felt from having complete control made me insatiably horny.  My husband may have had the intense orgasms, but I’ve had some of the best sex afterwards too. ”

Sarah Carson, WA


 Product Review - Todd Hunter

Super Hot, Super Sexy!

“I thought I knew it all, but you proved me WRONG! With a libido that’s through the roof and a wife that is satisfied with doing it once a week, I was looking for an added edge. Well, you supplied that and more. I can’t explain it but both me and my wife have been acting like friggin’ rabbits. Thanks man. ”

Todd Hunter, TX


 Product Review - Sandra Winston

He Begged Me To Finish Him Off!

“What an incredible sexual aid.  I’ve always been turned on by my hubby’s butt, but the techniques you showed us were incredible.  It took us about an hour or so to get started, but it was worth every second.  The look on my hubby’s face when he was ready to explode was so intense and our sex has just gotten better and better.  I highly recommend this. ”

Sandra Winston, NA

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If you’re ready to experience the sizzling sensations of prostate massage, then let me show you how it’s done.

As a sexologist and a student of sexual behavior, I help men, women and couples improve their sex lives.

I know firsthand how exhilarating, as well as “relationship-enhancing”, a healthy sex life can be.

If you have been dreaming of spicing up your sex life...

If you’d like to have stronger, more satisfying orgasms when you masturbate...

And, if you want to have some of the best sex of your life, then I urge you to unleash the deep sexual sensations that can ONLY be experienced through prostate massage.

Your Penis Isn’t Your
Only Erogenous Zone!

Remember, your prostate is responsible for expelling fluids and semen. The sensation feels exactly like an ejaculation – ONLY BETTER!

This is why the prostate is quickly being known as the "Male G-Spot".

Why not join the men of all ages, races and sexual orientations who are experiencing the ultimate pleasure that the prostate provides?
Let me explain the sexual and health benefits of prostate massage (aka prostate milking).

If you are seriously intrigued by what I’ve told you about prostate massage, then it’s time to unleash the sexual secrets that are hidden within my latest ebook.

I’ve Done All The Hard Work,
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I’ve created a complete and comprehensive sexual kit that holds absolutely nothing back.

I'll give you ALL my sexologist secrets, so you can deepen and intensify your orgasms and heighten your sexual pleasure.  

Inside you’ll discover...

  • How to locate the prostate both externally and internally. Use these 3 simple steps and you’ll know with 100% certainty that you’ve reached your prostate.
  • Why massaging your prostate (aka your MALE G-SPOT) will be the most intense and pleasurable sexual experience you’ve ever had.
  • A step-by-step guide to prostate massage – including a list of sensations you will experience when using a specific prostate stroke. Over 30 incredible strokes to discover!
  • How to achieve multiple orgasms without ejaculation. I’ll show you how to maintain a rock hard erection (without Viagra type drugs) after SEVERAL, powerful, non-ejaculation orgasms.
  • How to have explosive multiple G-spot orgasms that give you waves of intense pleasure through your body.
  • Going Solo! The best way to enjoy self prostate massage. I’ll show you which finger to use and exactly how to touch the prostate for ultimate pleasure.
  • *A sensual 5-step teaser *to help your partner locate and heat up your prostate. Use these tips to overcome your inhibitions and focus on exceptional pleasure.
  • A complete guide to *anal relaxation and lubrication*. Plus, you’ll discover the 7 SEXIEST ways to relax your anal ring.
  • Exactly how to clean and prep for worry-free insertion.
  • 11, sizzling-hot, sexual toys and anal aids that make prostate orgasms ten times more intense.
  • How to *slow down and even stop your ORGASMS*. This technique creates an unbelievable escalation of desire and an EARTH SHATTERING release. (You’ll soon become a master of self-control. You can cum when you want and have longer and more powerful orgasms.)
  • How to enhance your orgasmic control using PC pumps. Use these “Kegal type exercises for men” to build your orgasms and keep riding the edge.
  • A step-by-step blueprint about the health benefits of prostate milking. It’s not only pleasurable; it can save your life!
  • The TOP 25 ways to stimulate and massage your entire body. (Plus, see which stroke was ranked #1. It may surprise you.)
  • How to separate your orgasms from your ejaculation. Expert techniques to intensify an orgasm, whether you ejaculate or not.
  • A partner’s guide to prostate massage. This section helps partners to understand the full body sensations you are feeling.
  • REVEALED: The truths, myths and health risks surrounding your prostate.
  • ·Discover the science behind deeper and more powerful orgasms. And, why prostate massage provides a *“Total Protection Package” as you age. *

“Everything is Right Here
 In One, Simple-to-Use,
Prostate Massage Guide”

Let’s face it, prostate massage is quickly becoming the stimulation of choice for literally thousands and thousands of men.

When done correctly, prostate orgasms have been reported to be 400% stronger and more intense than regular orgasms. And, some orgasms have been reported to last up to 2, 3, even as long as 5 minutes.

Now of course, every man is unique and the intensity of each orgasm will vary, but with the controlling tips and the stimulation techniques I’m going to show you... the SKY’S THE LIMIT!

Suppose you had all the information and the professional guidance (from a sexologist) to easily find and stimulate your prostate...

... and, suppose you had a ‘’step-by-step blueprint’ that shows you how to relax and enjoy the incredible sexual sensations of prostate massage...

How useful would that be to you? …

... Because I can walk you through every step, in hand-holding style!

 A Deep, Powerful,
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Believe me ... whether you have already tried prostate milking or are brand new to prostate massage, this prostate massage guidebook will walk you through the entire process every step of the way.

So for a single one-time investment of $27, you’ll have an accurate and reliable resource to guide and please you.

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Sex is far more stimulating when it’s raw and raunchy. So why not drive your partner wild with a little dirty talk?

Dirty talk is a great way to liven it up between the sheets. But getting started can often be awkward, right? Well not anymore!

This amazing ebook gives you a ton of naughty phrases so you never run out of hot things to say. 

Just tuck away a few of your favorites and whisper them into your partner’s ear when things start heating up. You’ll be amazed at the sexual energy you’ll create.

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Men, God gave you a tongue. Let me show you how to use it.

Only 25% of women reach orgasm through sexual intercourse, compared to 81% reaching orgasm with oral sex ... you do the math!  

Use this ebook and you’ll become a master of cunnilingus and an expert of going down.

  • 7 things you should NOT do when performing cunnilingus!

  • 9 Tantalizing Tongue Techniques that will have her squirming and screaming for more!

  • How to use your lips and teeth to take her to the edge.

  • The Art of Manual Stimulation.  I’ll show you a few secrets that will turn your fingers into pure magic. 

  • 5 of the hottest and most stimulating Oral Sex Positions.

  • Discover the allure of oral sex and the secrets to bigger and better orgasms.

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Anal sex can be extremely erotic if it’s done right. But, going in blindly can cause pain and it can ruin your chances of ever getting in her butt again.

This guide gives you all you need to know about how to have first time anal sex and how to introduce your lover to anal pleasure.

Read this ebook and you’ll end up giving your lady some mind-blowing anal orgasms.  It’s the only way to go!


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